we came from the future – 23 juni 2023


inviting you to an island

When was the last time you immersed yourself into the unknown? 

After last year’s successful editions, we are back with a new edition of We came from the Future on, a mini-residency on the island of Brienenoord, Friday the 23th of June from 17:00 until 23:00.

If you need any materials to be creative, take them with you! Whatever get’s your boat floating to the island. There you will meet other makers, thinkers, do-ers, movers. There are no obligations, no have-to’s, only want-to’s. Together or alone we can make sounds, let our voices out, document, draw, witness or exist, rest by the campfire and take long walks. Nothing is self-evident, while everything is possible.

The evening will start together with some food for our tummies. We aim to create an intimate world for a moment, where phones do not exist. 

We do ask from you to be on time – Walk in starts at 16:30, the grand opening is at 17:00 and a collaborative dinner prep starts at 17:30!

Will we see you there?

For register : REGISTER YEAH

For any other questions, mail us at future@buitenplaatsbrienenoord.nl

Van Brienenoord 5, 3077 AE Rotterdam
Dinner included,
event Free of charge