WE CAME FROM THE FUTURE – 14 oktober 2023

Autumn. How do we deal with our creativity when the days are short, and the night comes early? Where do we meet when it is wet and rainy outside? After this summer’s successful editions, we are back with another We came from the Future! A one-day residency on the island of Brienenoord.

On Saturday the 14th of October from 12:00 until 21:00, the Buitenplaats becomes an open rehearsal space. A place to experiment and create.

If you need any materials to be creative, take them with you! Whatever gets your boat floating to the island. There you will meet other makers, thinkers, do-ers, movers. There are no have-to’s, only want-to’s. Together or alone we can make sounds, let our voices out, document, draw, sew, knit, witness or exist. Warm up in our sauna, rest by the campfire and take a walk in the dark. Nothing is self-evident, while everything is possible.

We will start the day together with some food and end it with a collaborative dinner. We aim to create an intimate world for a moment, where phones do not exist.

We do ask from you to be on time – Walk in starts at 12:00, the grand opening is at 12:30!

Will we see you there?

You can register here

For any questions, mail us at future@buitenplaatsbrienenoord.nl