27 oktober – Seré – Muddy Grief

Seré is a performance artist. During this evening she will present her latest work ‘Muddy Grief’.

In “Muddy Grief” the participants [no one is only a viewer] are invited into the entangled possibilities of the waters of the swamp; transported by sounds and the curious, creepy and playful creature of the half-human-half-amphibian.

Here, both water and the swamp hold life by its bearings, yet they also hold the power of trapping and drowning.

can i anticipate the death of the future? how do i grieve my dead potted plants? how does hope stick through decay? if i give you my secrets do they stay alive? can i cry for you even though you are alive? does it cling to your skins like it clings to mine?

On this open performance evening, performer Seré also wishes to open the floor after the mis-en-scene for an exchange in between performer and audience. Feedback, impressions, and questions are more than welcome <3

Time: 20:00

Entrance: free