15 december – We Came From The Future

We invite you to a mini residency on the island of Brienenoord: We came from the future. Are you a creative being, who needs a day of rest and creation on the island? We too are getting ready for winter hibernation – this edition is all about conserving our creative energy for spring time. 

On Friday the 15th of December at Buitenplaats Brienenoord in Rotterdam, the residency will start at 12:00 and will last till 21:00 in the evening. The sauna will be on, the Buitenplaats warm and cosy. Lunch & Dinner is provided! 

Last editions were communicated by word of mouth – this time we will try the online way too! If you want to come, please register through the form: https://forms.gle/q5UzpaC6gr5Ko9d16. We hope to see you soon!