Victor Santamarina

“Foundation” is a site specific installation triggered by the experience of the Brienenoord Eiland as a place in constant change. From the wild weeds to the caterpillars, many forces converge in the island to redefine its landscape at every minute. This experience of transformation takes its highest expression with the transitions of the water tides along the day. This phenomenon does not only re-draw the contour of the island but hides or reveals landscapes within the land, since part of the water from the river goes inside of the island creating ponds and wetlands. In this sense the Brienenoord Eiland feels as a complex and alive organism, hybrid and ungraspable, where noting is granted and nothing stays the same.

“Foundation” is about the intermediate states and how liminality can become a condition not only for spaces or landscapes but also sensitivities, forms, materials, people… The work consists on a series of aluminium castings coming together to form three puddles. Following my interests in the in between states, leaks and liminal places, the sculpture is placed in wetland under the Brienenoord Bridge. I recognise in this this place a very interesting encounter between the gigantic concrete columns that stands the highway and the landscape they have generated around them, place of a great biodiversity. My intention is to put the sculpture that will blend in the space but with the potentiality¬† to triggers new thoughts and ways to relate to the island. The way in which the sculptures are presented is not whimsical. They are at the height of the intertide, so it will also be revealed and covered by the water with the tide changes as the rest of the island does.

In addition, the castings are located straight under three of the water-evacuation pipes from the highway. The continuous dripping of water on the sculptures during the rainy days creates a strong soundscape that reveals the subtle sculpture. My idea is not only to make the work part of the complex cosmos of the island but to bring the attention to the way in which all the elements of that cosmos are participating doing and undoing each other and keeping the island in a permanent process of becoming without reward. A cyclical relation with time and transformation, understanding that is on those transitional places where the notion resilience dwells nowadays and looking at the ambiguity and hybridity as qualities for a life-affirming potential.